Wat is doping

Doping zijn stoffen of methoden die door sporters gebruikt worden om betere prestaties te kunnen leveren. Maar waar ligt nu precies de grens, of met andere woorden wat is doping nu precies? De officiele definitie van doping luidt: ‘Doping is een overtreding van één of meer specifieke artikelen uit het dopingreglement’. Dit houdt in onder doping stoffen en methoden worden verstaan die door het Wereld Anti Doping Agentschap (WADA) van het Internationaal Olympische Comité verboden zijn. Het WADA onderscheidt op de dopinglijst drie categorieën die ieder weer onderverdeeld zijn in groepen: Categorie I: verboden stoffen Categorie II: verboden methoden Categorie III: stoffen verboden in bepaalde sporten

Wanneer komt een stof of methode op de WADA-dopinglijst? Een stof of methode wordt op de dopinglijst geplaatst indien deze aan twee van de hieronderstaande drie criteria voldoet. De stof of methode is: 1) prestatiebevorderend 2) schadelijk voor de gezondheid 3) in strijd is met de normen en waarden sport.Related: fargate docker in docker, brother bear moose commentary, jack lambert website, mississippi arrests mugshots 2020, why is there a plague in thebes oedipus, creepypasta boyfriend scenarios he insults you, what happened after the end of reconstruction quizlet, prayer times in leeds lincoln green mosque, castle rock entertainment contact, kendra scott jewelry box dupe, how many points did bronny james score tonight, attestation of documents from spain embassy in pakistan, peter mcnamara first wife, 22, crespo funeral home baytown obituaries,Related: bristol rugby players 1960s, mclaren models falkirk, lear 25 fuel burn, dishonorable discharge consequences, nicole jacqueline desy, shane steichen salary, metlife computershare unclaimed property, how much does blooper the braves mascot make, kitana mk11 combos, cheney brothers product catalog, george beldam jr, is femoral retroversion a disability, tvdsb etfo collective agreement, qvc susan graver tops recently on air today, what happened to william devane son,Related: how much does hernia surgery cost at shouldice hospital, random south park character generator, rhea county tn news break, do angry drunks mean what they say, baby ballroom where are they now 2021, houses for rent in north myrtle beach, sc long term, can you respond to a swipe note on tinder, what happened to larry hughes on restoration garage, shooting in carrollton tx last night, lego technic jeep instructions, was kiki dee ever married, who is the woman in the swiffer wet jet commercial, private planes for sale under $100k, ann getty house pacific heights, ethnic holidays for goat meat 2022,Related: bexar county vital records, marriage, graham jackson son of gordon jackson, amber alert san jose 2022, how long would it take to walk 2000 miles, stephen manley preacher, carriage house for rent somerset county, nj, what birds eat palm tree seeds, atascocita county jail, bali body vs st tropez, gary’s funeral home greenville, ky obituaries, aberdeen ironbirds lineup tonight, north american arms 22 mag 5 shot revolver, street outlaws 2022 schedule, shane savage montana, bionaire replacement filter,Related: cairns and brothers fire helmets, finger lakes jockey standings, fort myers florida hurricane 2020, poweramp library not working, teamsters local 804 ups contract, who owns sunspot knoxville, new construction homes under $250k near me, ben chant poughkeepsie day school, yucatan progreso excursions carnival, 1940 chevy flying lady hood ornament, michael petherick brother, why do i feel disgusted after eating, cancel nsw rego interstate, michael rowe obituary, famous people with porphyria,Related: fedex pre trip inspection checklist, reckling family houston, am i ungrateful to my parents quiz, 308 stephens drive, bakersfield, ca 93304, shooting in radford va today, margaret court arena view from my seat, st andrew’s episcopal school faculty, craigslist jobs lakewood, co, virginia substitute teacher application, what happens if a player gets injured sportsbet, national field trial association, what tank has the biggest gun in war thunder, progressively harder flag quiz, examples of unacceptable behavior of a woman, contagi a somma vesuviana oggi,Related: tibby’s ritas chicken recipe, gila river obituaries, royal edward dano jr cause of death, youth football leagues in orange county california, matty mctech powerful websites list, dc home health aide license lookup, how much is eligo golf membership, eviction 123 dennis block, jeff and larry’s comedy roundup comedians list, identogo nj service code, a letter to my mother who was never there, temple animal hospital, handshake my journey examples, urcuchillay inca god, baldy swanson grande prairie,